When you search the meaning and definition of content on Google you find millions of result pages and an unlimited number of definitions. The definitions might be different, but one sure thing is that no website or reference will define Content as just text. Content is not just written content.

Content’s Definition

The most common definition of content is anything that is expressed through some medium as speech, writing, or various arts. From this small explanation, we can understand that variety of types and formats of content is important. Your audience will lose its interest if all your content is just text or pictures. Changing and adding new formats can grab your audience’s attention, and also differentiate you from the competition. 

Content is not only what you publish on your social media platforms or website. Content is the information and experience sharing that is directed towards an end-user or audience. As you read, content can be an experience, a direct contact between your audience and the product or service. An experience raises awareness more than any other kind of content. It makes people remember you. 

If you want to raise awareness of your brand by running only a few ads on Facebook, you won’t get the desired results. Experiential marketing is a powerful method for bringing brands to life and to make it have real contact with the audience. Try to include the customer in your content and process of raising awareness. 

How Can You Use Experience As Content?

The experience your audience might live will give new pieces of content to publish on social media, you ask yourself how? That’s what we will see with the Movie “Ring” 

To promote the third edition of the horror movie “The Ring” called “Rings”, Paramount Pictures teamed with the Marketing agency called Thinkmodo’ to give fans a scary real-life experience of The Ring. In a  real appliance store in New York, they decided to prank people, by recreating one of the famous scenes of The Ring, where Samara comes out of the tv. 

In the prank, the TVs were playing the new Rings trailer, but they used a fake tv, and when people are concentrated talking to the salesperson who was showing them the 4K resolution, Samara’s lookalike climbs out of the TV right in front of them.

People’s reactions were funny, and the whole experience and prank were filmed by a secret camera. This footage was published on Facebook, and the video has been viewed over 200 million times on Facebook in just 24 hours, and 250 million times in two days only. It went viral.

The experiences are more effective than using just a movie trailer. The prank was successful especially because it went with the theme of the movie, and making people live a part of the movie. 

The lesson is not sticking to the traditional definition of content and marketing campaigns, try different formats, if an experience is not possible, try games, quizzes, webinars, and other formats. 

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