The Royal Dutch Airlines, also known as KLM, is the airline of the Netherlands. The company is known for its outstanding social media. Since 2009 KLM was known for its reputation as a pioneer in the area of social media services and campaigns in the social landscape. 

Why did KLM make this campaign?

KLM operates in the German market for almost 100 years and sees it as the most important market. However, brand awareness is shallow. According to research conducted in August 2018, 46% of Germans didn’t know that KLM is an airline but assumed that it was a bank, a restaurant or a radio station.

To explain to people that KLM is an airline, they teamed up with DDB & Tribal Amsterdam to make an awareness campaign saying “WE ARE AN AIRLINE”.

KLM turned itself into a bank, a restaurant, and a radio station. The objective was letting all of Germany know that KLM is none of the above, and is simply an airline. 

  • In the restaurant, flight attendants served KLM inflight meals for free. 
  • The cash machine didn’t give money but showed videos about the airline and the benefits of flying KLM. And giving people a chance to win free flight tickets.
  • They turned a national german radio station to KLM Radio. Playing KLM tracks, news about the airline, commercials and a quiz. The KLM song got a significant response after being aired on the radio. And it’s now available on Spotify.

The brand used this experimental campaign to get rid of the traditional advertising and make “We are an airline” stick into the German’s mind. And this is what we call Brand Awareness.



Client: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Agency: DDB & Tribal Amsterdam

Copywriter: Jasper Diks
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