People love stories, it catches their attention and they remember it for a long time. That’s why brands use stories to convey a message effectively or build a human connection.

Storytelling is the art of using words, sounds, and even images to communicate a message or an idea. It’s the process of creating a connection with the reader first then selling your product or service second through emotions.

Storytelling in marketing aims to humanize the brand, and gives the audience a reason to care about the brand, and inspire them to take an action. Telling stories is very important to build the brand.

Stories always remind people of their childhood, that’s why they can be easily convinced and influenced. Storytelling is also one of the main components of a solid content marketing approach.

Today we will discover 5 brands that master Storytelling.

5 Brands With the Best Storytelling

1- Nike

Nike is the leader of Storytelling. It has been part of their strategy for decades to communicate their brand values. Nike never fails to launch aspirational and motivational campaigns on social media or tv.

2- Dove

Dove knows that stories matter. To communicate the brand’s message and mission, which is helping women to raise their self-esteem and empowering them, Dove uses Storytelling in all their commercials. The series of commercial called “Beauty Sketches” tell us stories about how women worry about their appearances. A series of commercial worth watching.

3- Airbnb

Airbnb focuses on Storytelling to build its brand and the customer’s loyalty. The brand usually shares the stories of their guests and hosts on their blog, and also build stories around the locations and countries they want people to visit.

4- Apple

Storytelling started with Steve Jobs, he once said “People don’t want to buy a personal computer. They want to know what they can do with them”
And since that day, Apple started using aspirational stories to communicate their creativity and brand message.

5- Disney

Storytelling is at the heart of Disney, not only in their movies but also in their marketing campaigns. They always tell a story to remind people of their childhood. Disney has the Art of Storytelling in all their content that take the audience on a journey.

When it comes to Storytelling, always remember the old Native American proverb that says: “Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”

Share with us the brand that masters the Art of Storytelling.

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