Sales copy has the objective of persuading the reader to take an action. The action is not always buying, it may be the action of filling a form, following you on social media, visiting your website…

Having creative ideas is very important, but when it’s combined with great copywriting skills it can make you create very converting copies. Converting copies are considered by many as hard compared to other kinds of copies. If you can write a copy that converts, and that sells you can be considered a really good copywriter.

Today we will talk about 5 tips to write a copy that sells.

5 Tips For Better Copies

1- Don’t make the reader think much:

When he looks at your copy, he needs to understand what you’re offering. If he doesn’t understand it, he will move on and skip your ad. Clearly communicate the Who, What, When, Where, and Why.
These details ensure users have all of the information they need to engage with the ad.

2- Simplicity

According to Harvard Business Review, what makes a reader take an action is simplicity. Make the copy easy, avoid jargon especially if you are targeting a large audience.

3- Avoid bragging about yourself

Don’t use the superlatives so much. When a brand uses “The best”, “The fastest” and “The greatest”… make the post or campaign sound fake insincere. If you want to use the superlatives unless you can prove you’re the best.
Avoid writing “We have the fastest delivery”, write “Your order will be delivered in less than 24 hours”.

4- Give a guarantee

Reduce the buyer’s risk, by offering a guarantee, can give people the confidence to buy.
“If you are not satisfied with our course, you will attend another course for free.”

5- Combine features with benefits.

Like what Apple does, they explain every feature with the benefit you will get from this feature.
“Not just a thinner display. A better display.”
“Ingenuity makes it thin. Aluminum makes it strong.”

Keep in mind that short copies are good, but not always, if the copy can’t deliver the essential information, it’s not a good copy.

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