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Content marketing is part of the digital marketing activities, it is the process of creating, delivering, and promoting valuable and relevant content consistently to best promote your brand and achieve your business objectives. Content has proven effectiveness in creating awareness for brands however participating in building trust with customers. There are many content writing strategies or techniques but, writing content with the approach of achieving sales is highly critical and requires an effective content writing technique accordingly, By the end of this article you will be able to know about content marketing: How to write content using the FAB technique

After a sequence of content analysis and audit for many pieces of content, It was clear enough that a lot of copywriters and content creators have a content marketing common mistake (issue), which is defined when examining their selling-objective content. The issue is that copywriters focus only on product/service features, and ignore what really makes customers interested which is the product/service advantages that will actually benefit the customer.

When writing social media content or content for advertisement, content creators/copywriters should stick in their copy or “POC” to emphasizing the product or service advantages that will benefit the customer and not just only writing product features…although it is a good practice to write the product features, Why should an audience even be interested in your offering if you are only mentioning your product specifications?

Writing content using the FAB strategy 

Presuming that you don’t have enough information about a specific product, For instance, a mobile phone, and you want to buy high specifications one with super features, you went to a store and asked the seller to recommend the out-performing smartphones. At that time the seller starts communicating to you the product features and the selling points (Advantages) of a specific one. And instead of communicating the product features accompanied by the benefits that the buyer will take advantage of, he just explained only the features and other extra industry-related terms for specifications that require a savvy customer (knowledgeable) to understand. For example, The battery of product X comes with a 5260 mAh and supports fast charging 30 watts. For sure, you will not understand and maybe feel embarrassed where you will leave the store, because you are not an expert with these technical specs and don’t even know how good are these numbers, and are these specs matching your needs or not

 Imagine experiencing the same situation at a different store with a different seller, but this time the seller communicated the product features and made it clear about the advantages, The seller mentioned that the 5260 MAH battery which is a very high number, would have a long life and remain up to 19 subsequently, you will be able to use the mobile for a long time without charging the phone many times. For sure your situation will be totally different, and you will be interested to listen

?The question here is there any technique to overcome the problem of the first situation

! Yes, there is-

What is the FAB technique for writing content?

The FAB method is a framework for message senders; either through content writing or face-to-face communication, which helps in telling the audience about the product features which turns into advantages that will benefit the stakeholder, you can try to oversee it from your customer’s eyes.

F= Features

A= Advantages

B= Benefits

you might have questioned yourself about the difference between features and benefits… Aren’t they the same? And you maybe are trying to figure out whether if they are not the same and how can copywriters use the FAB technique in writing the ad copy.

Before explaining the proper way of using the FAB technique in content writing for ad copy and blogs, let us explain the difference between the F, A, and B and apply it to the previous situation

Features: Are the strong points of a product, it is the unique selling points. (product pros)

Advantages: Are the positive aspects of each feature

Benefits: Are things that are of benefit to the customer

applying to our previous case, feature number one is the 5260 mAh battery, where the advantage is that the strong battery will have a long lifetime.

Content marketing: How to write content using the FAB technique

when writing an ad copy to promote your product or service, it is very simple.

1- List all the product features

2- highlight the advantage/s of using or experiencing each feature

3- write down one or more benefit your audience will have from the previous advantages


use the previous technique and start writing content or ad copy including the following points, make sure to use strong and simple vocabulary.

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