The content strategy has various pillars that can help any marketer launch a successful content strategy. Some of these elements are the brand persona and buyer persona that we already explained in previous posts, and there is also what we call Tone of Voice. 

What’s the Tone of Voice?

The Tone of Voice is not the content, but it’s how you say and present the content. It means how you speak to your audience. The Tone is related to the style of writing that helps to expose the values and personality of the brand. 

According to Buffer, the Voice is the brand personality. It can be lively, positive or professional… 

The Tone is the way the brand expresses its personality. A brand has one voice but has many tones.

Brands are like humans; the Tone of Voice differs from a field to another and from the social level to another. When you talk to a doctor is different than talking to a marketer, the language used and the attitude, the way of talking and even words chosen to change. It makes every field or job unique, same as brands, every brand tries to have a different Tone of Voice to be unique in the eyes of customers. 

The Tone of Voice is considered vital because it gives the impression that the brand is honest, trustworthy and makes it more human. It also helps to encourage interaction and conversation with the audience and creates a powerful brand image. 

However, the brand should adapt its communication style to who they are talking to. If you are directing your message to reach the younger audience, the Tone used should be lighthearted and fun, unlike when you speak to older people. Always think about your audience before writing any content; this is where the buyer persona helps. 

In 2011, according to Stephanie Schwab, a writer, and CEO of a social media agency called crackerjack marketing, said that a tone of Voice should include : 

  • Character/persona: The specific attributes that fit your brand, and make it sound like a person. For example: Friendly, playful, warm, inspiring, professional…
  • Tone: The vibe of the brand. For example: Personal, honest, scientific, humble…
  • Language: The kind of words used. For example, Serious, simple, sophisticated, fun…
  • Purpose: Why is the brand on social media. For instance: Engage, educate, sell, inform…

All these can define the overall Voice of your brand.

The Tone of Voice of some brands: 

  • Dove: Empowering and uplifting
  • Harley Davidson: Aggressive
  • Apple: Simple and confident 
  • Dollar Shave Club: Humorous
  • Skittles: Playful 
  • Coca Cola: Happiness
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