People assume that all writers have the same general skill set and it’s just that there is a good and bad writer, a writer who prefers to write short and another who prefers tall posts.
Many people mix copywriting and content writing, or even think that they are the same.
This confusion can cause problems when hiring a content writer when you need a copywriter, or when you apply for a copywriter position and deep inside, you are more of a content writer and vice versa.

There is a distinction between Copywriting and Content Writing, and it’s the purpose of writing. Copywriting is writing for promotional advertising or marketing. However, content writing is to entertain and attract online audiences, so they stay longer and engage with the brand.
Copy and content writing have the same final goal of improving the business’ income and sales.
In this post, we will discover the main differences between each discipline, so it helps you to decide which type of writer are you or is right for your project

Who is the Copywriter?

What’s CopyWriting? It is the practice of writing texts intended to sell a product or service. 

A Copywriter writes specifically to sell. It doesn’t matter what the format is, but he creates a copy, intending to get an action from a customer, whether making a purchase, becoming a lead, or coming to a conclusion about a brand (branding).

Copywriting is the fact of choosing a tone of voice, a language, and words, to push people to take action. The Copywriter talks directly to readers and involves a lot of emotions. 

The Copywriter writes print ads, TV commercials, radio spots, marketing emails, brochures, social media posts…

A copywriter has many objectives and purposes: 

  • Promoting an idea or lifestyle
  • Grabbing attention
  • Creating an emotional connection with the brand
  • To place the brand desirably, so readers think “I want it!”
  • Encouraging readers to take action
  • All these objectives should be done in just a couple of lines.

Qualities of a good copywriter

  • Concise: A copywriter needs to communicate many ideas and emotions in a few lines.
  • Clever and witty: Humor is a must; they also need to be original and creative.
  • Human empathy: Know what will appeal to people to take action.
  • Salesman: A talent for sales is a must, he needs abilities to convince and win over potential customers.

Who is the Content Writer?

A copy has the objective of persuading people. Meanwhile, content writing needs to engage the reader. A content writer’s role is to hold and capture the attention of a reader to educate, inform, or tell a story. A Content writer needs to adapt to different Tone of voices and approaches. He is a good storyteller, who masters explanations and descriptions. 

Content writers tend to write longer-form content, and their work is more often seen as driving brand awareness instead of being focused on supporting sales. They think about keeping the reader interested rather than getting him to convert.

Content writing is about writing blog posts, podcasts, case studies, video scripts, social media updates, forum posts, and other pieces that power content marketing.

The Content Writer has many objectives and purposes:

  • Driving traffic to your website and increase engagement
  • Helping the reader understand your product/brand
  • Making the brand as a reference, and expert by educating the audience.
  • Transforming the brand to a trustworthy resource.

Qualities of a good content writer

  • Analytical: Analyzing the type of content that’s working and the content that doesn’t perform well. 
  • Writing for the reader, while keeping in mind the brand: Content writers have the ability to give value to the reader while making the sales existent but invisible.

Content Writing is creating value and building an audience to helo promoting the brand.

To sum up, there are many differences between Copywriting and Content Writing. The two concepts are close but differ in terms of the goals and methods used.

Copywriting includes content writing, but in an attractive and short form, to grabs the attention of the audience directly. Copywriting is an art, and not easy to be a great copywriter unless you have talent, creativity, and vocation. You need to have a love for marketing. Content writing can be done by anybody, you only need to be convincing.

CopyWriting VS Content Writing 

  • Telling vs Advising
  • Promotion vs Knowledge
  • Short-term Sales vs. Long-term Engagement
  • A content writer deals in quantity vs. A copywriter deals in quality
  • All copywriters write content. Not all content writers write copy.

The difference between a content writer and a copywriter is the difference between fast food and a five stars restaurant. They are both a place where to eat, but they depend on the appetite of the people in the room.


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