Social Media is a significant digital marketing tool, where it is considered to be a highly important place for businesses and content creators as a reason of the benefits received related to achieving business objectives. Social media platforms require a lot of time, effort, and a decent strategy to be able to achieve good results for your business on social media. For a social media marketer, being able to save time and efforts requires acquiring the basics of social media marketing, for setting objectives and strategy in addition to using necessary tools for social platforms, accordingly here are 5 Essential Social Media Management Tips

5 Essential Social Media Management Tips

1) Create Saved Replies for Fast Answers

Try to shorten the response time of your received messages on different social platforms by creating saved replies. Saved replies are custom-made answers to be provided automatically for inquiries customers usually question. It is usually made for questions like the location, prices, and working hours. You are free to personalize your desired message to automatically send saved replies to common questions when a customer clicks on a specific question.

This doesn’t mean that all your answers should be as a robot, saved replies are only for the most frequent questions, beyond these questions answer your customers normally, with human emotions.

2) Use Google Analytics to measure your social media efforts.

What is google analytics?

Google Analytics is great, within reach (free) and easy-to-use tool by google, provides you a tracking code to embed in your website for connecting with Google’s analytics platform for the purpose of traffic analysis audit as it provides valuable metrics about visitors and their behavior on your site. If you are a website owner then you have to go and register on google analytics ( GA4 )

If you redirect your customers to your website, you need to do two things, activate Facebook Pixels and insert the code to your site, and Google Analytics as well as mentioned before.

Google Analytics sections

1) Audience, the audience section in google analytics enables you to know the demographic information about your website visitors Such as the number of users in a specific period, Number of sessions, sessions are how many times do users engage with your webpage and their geographic location.

2) Acquisition, How you acquired visitors to your website, or what are the sources of website traffic it is simply the channels that drive customers to your site.

3) Behavior, The analysis of a visitor moves in my website, what pages do visitors go for the most, and for how long do they usually stay on a specific page or on the website in general.

4) Conversions, The conversions sections enable the marketer or SEO to track whether customers take the preferable action or not such as subscribing to a newsletter or buying a product.

There is a social reporting feature in Google Analytics inside the acquisition section to measure how much traffic does social media brings to your website, and it lets you understand how many people who came from social media completed the funnel to the conversion.

3- Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

Satisfying your customers is not an easy task to do however very challenging, Customer satisfaction requires lots of effort and care of small details in terms of product features or service quality in addition to, for sure the pain points or needs that will be fulfilled from your offering.

Meanwhile on Social media, by offering a unique value to your audience, you will be able to create a relationship with your customers where they will be emotionally connected to your brand, at that time they can turn to be your brand advocates.

Listen and respond to what your customers say on social media, help them to build trust, and turn them into loyal fans. For instance, you can offer free solutions or tools to your customers or even professional & helpful advice (tips) related to your industry in addition to delivering a real value within your product/service, and then they will automatically recommend you to others. People like brands that offer them a great experience and value, not just an intention for sales.

4- Adapt your Old Content

Finding topics and ideas to write is the hardest thing on social platforms. But you can use your old content and already existing content to reach more people. You should make use of your content by re-generate it in multiple formats and visual identities and changing the content distribution channels as well. Some social network platform experts recommend spending 20% of your time creating new content ideas and 80% of your time changing your old content

5- Buying journey and Buyer personas

Your role as a social media marketer is to understand the buying journey, then understand the buyer personas to be able to create content and ads suitable for each stage across the funnel for each customer segments (personas), So you need to work in parallel with the sales team to understand the buyer persona & journey. If there is no sales team, try to study your previous customers, or define the personas from your Unique Selling Points and understand the need that your product or service covers.


NB: Keep Learning: Social Media is constantly evolving. You must be constantly learning and mastering new skills.

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