When you start working in the social media field, you start hearing thousands of acronyms and abbreviations on a daily basis. As a reminder, an acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word.

You may be familiar with some digital marketing acronyms, but there are many, and it can be confusing for many people who are still new to the field.

Since Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing live and breathe acronyms, we will start a series of the most used important and used abbreviations to be able to fully understand tutorials, articles, clients, and colleagues.

Digital Marketing Acronyms

UGC: Is the Abbreviation of User Generated Content. It’s content created and published by the audience or an unpaid resource. It can be a video, an article, a testimonial, a social media post, or a story where a third party promotes the business without a request from the brand. For example The stories and posts of consumers that Starbucks re-shares.

CMS: Is the abbreviation of Content Management System. It’s a system used to create and manage the content on websites without the need for specialized technical knowledge. For example WordPress.

WOM: Is the Abbreviation of Word-of-Mouth. It’s when people tell information about a brand to each other. They can recommend the brand to their entourage and influence them to buy a certain product.

FOMO: Is the Abbreviation of Fear of Missing Out. Consumers have the fear of losing amazing opportunities that other people have. Brands use this feeling to market their products, making people feel that they might regret not buying from them.

CR: Is the Abbreviation of Conversion Rate. It’s the percentage of users who take the desired action. It’s the number of conversions (ex: sales) divided by the total number of visitors or messages (depending on your campaign)

TOV: Is the Abbreviation of Tone of Voice. Tov is the way a company communicates with its audience. It’s related to the style of writing that helps to expose the personality of the brand.

Wait for us next week for more acronyms. Meanwhile, tell us which abbreviation you didn’t know before.

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