Today, we will talk to people who don’t work in the Digital Marketing industry, but run small businesses. They surely hear a lot of information about Facebook ads. But they don’t know which information is correct and which one is not.

The incorrect notions about Facebook advertising, can hinder entrepreneurs from taking full advantage of ads. They can even discourage them from using Facebook Ads.

In this post, we will discuss the myths or misconceptions of Facebook Advertising.

Facebook Advertising Misconceptions and Mistakes

**All these statements are not correct.

  • 1- Boosting the Post and Facebook Ads are the Same Thing: Boosting a post which is sponsoring content is a very elementary form of Facebook advertising. The main objective of a post-boost is to increase engagements in form of reactions, comments & shares.


  • 2- The Photos get the most engagement: Not necessarily true. Nowadays videos generate more engagement than photos


  • 3- Facebook Ads is for B2C companies only: B2B advertising’s success rests on how well you know your audience’s demographics, online behavior, and interest.


  • 4- Custom audience B2B emails: If you’re using Facebook B2B emails, you can get a 20% match rate since most people set up their Facebook accounts with their email address and not work email address.


  • 5- Targeting friends of fans gives the same results as the original target: Friends of fans don’t usually have the same interests.


  • 6- If people see your Ads too often they will engage more and decide to buy: There is what we call Ad fatigue, it’s when people are bored of your ads, which results in driving up costs without results.


  • 7- You need to invest in getting page likes: Just because people liked your Facebook page, doesn’t mean they are interested in your content or can become a customer.
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