The Social Media world is evolving, and therefore the roles and responsibilities of people accountable are developing gradually too.

At first, Social Media management was quite easy and direct. However, things changed; now, it requires new skills, new strategies, and therefore the right people within the right positions.

In many businesses, there may be considerable overlap between roles. And in Social Media, these roles are, copywriter/content writer, social media management and community management, and that they are often used synonymously.

When talking about social media management and community management, plenty of people get confused. While they’re closely intertwined, they’re separate functions. And today, we are going to discover the difference between a social media manager and a community manager.

First of all, Social Media and Community managers are very different positions. Still, both play an important role in any company or agency, and by understanding the excellence, you’ll be able to either be an honest employee or build a more active social media team.

Social Media Manager

The social media manager may be a strategist. He develops a social strategy for the business and executes it. he’s focused on listening and evaluating brand perception, planning campaigns or initiatives to push the company’s message.

A social media manager or executive is to blame for content creation, posting, scheduling, promoting and advertising the content. He focuses on branding and getting the brand ahead of individuals. Among his tasks are creating reports on social analytics.

Community Manager

In contrast, the community manager focuses on engagement. he’s inside, a builder of relationships. This person manages customer relationships. He must answer direct messages from community members, review all of the comments and responses on posts or articles overnight to form sure that everybody has been answered. He must explore new trends in conversations and new and effective ways to attach with audience members.

Community Management is that the online customer service, the responsible and therefore the intermediate between the followers and therefore the brand, and he’s more of the brand advocate.

As expressed by Vanessa DiMauro from Leader Networks, “Social Media Managers bring the guests (clients, prospects) to the table, and Community Managers welcome them in!1 

This means that Social Media managers bring the guests to the party, by showing how impressive the brand is, and therefore the Community Managers welcome the party guests with open arms, by helping them and always being there for the clients.

The difference between social media management and community management may be simplified to strategy versus relationships. One could say that these two roles are two distinctly different suits cut from identical cloth.




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