Ramadan is a holy month, but at the same time, it’s considered a special month for the advertising industry. Companies launch a wave of advertisements during this month and spend huge budgets over Ramadan. That’s why this month was called the Arab’s world Super Bowl.

This spiritual month is the most crucial time of the year with people sitting at home because they finish work earlier than normal days, which means that the TV consumption goes up, and advertisers invest more to be more visible for people. The CEO of J. Walter Thompson’s Middle East headquarters once said that the “Average viewership is a couple of hours during normal days. On Ramadan, it is double that”. 

Promotional songs and celebrities 

In Egypt or the Arab world, we still have a traditional vision when it comes to Ramadan’s commercials; every year, we see similar campaigns: Promotional songs and celebrities.

Music and Celebrities in advertising affect the way people and viewers perceive the brand. Songs can affect the emotional response to television commercials. Songs indeed make the commercial memorable and catchy for people. However, a change is needed to go out from the sameness and monotony of every year. Last year more than 45 celebrities took part in Ramadan’s commercials.

We see that every Ramadan the same topics and messages are transmitted through the commercials: generosity, donations, family reunions, and friends’ gatherings. The most important thing is to spread positive messages and go with the flow, to appeal to viewers, capture their attention and make them look for your products or services.

According to “ThinkwithGoogle“, the engagement rises rapidly during the month too, and most of it is organic, which makes online campaigns more cost-effective, because TV spots increase in amount and cost, the cost of TV prices increases by 2.5X during Ramadan. It is not the only advantage, due to the free time people tend to watch longer content during Ramadan. Especially Facebook content and commercials, which makes them easily convinced by your product or service, which explains why the consumer spend increases by 53% overall during the holy month.

That’s why YouTube and Facebook are an opportunity for companies and brands to seize during Ramadan.

People’s behavior during Ramadan on YouTube

Some statistics from Google insights 2018 concerning people’s behavior on YouTube: [^Ref]  

  • Over the last three years, Ramadan’s viewership on YouTube has increased 3X in comparison to TV. 
  • 57% Increase in Subscriptions
  • 13% Increase in View Duration
  • 11% Increase in Comments

Some statistics from Facebook Business 2018 concerning people’s behavior on Facebook :

  • People in the Middle East spend 5% more time on Facebook during Ramadan vs any other month.
  • 3 billion interactions with Ramadan 2018-related content were by over 280 million people globally.
  • About 1.3 million people worldwide stated on Facebook that they were interested in attending over 350,000 Ramadan 2018-related events.



[^Ref]: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-145/ramadan-guide-2018/
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