Mad Men is considered one of the best series for people who work in the world of advertising.
It’s a renowned series that shows the life of a fictional adman from the ’60s, called Don Draper. If he existed, he would undeniably be crowned the adman of his decade (the 60s).

Don Draper’s character inspirations

There are three people who actually existed, and inspired Matthew Weiner (creator of Mad Men) to elaborate Don Draper’s character.

Albert Lasker: Considered by many, one of the Godfathers of modern advertising. Albert reinvented the way of making ads, and he is persuading people instead of just listing the qualities of the products.

Draper Daniels: Don inherits his name from him. He was the advertising executive who created the famous Marlboro Man campaign during the 1950s. Draper Daniels also was the kind of guy, with a different charm, passive to attract the attention of everyone he wanted.

George Lois: An art director, who made MTV slogan “I want my MTV! This man gave Don the swag of his lifestyle. Another thing is that Don Draper looks hugely similar to Lois, inspiring Matthew Weiner for the appearance of the character.

Every quality cited from each of those three admen made Don Draper one of the best adman characters from history. At the same time, this character could have swag with charm, and he also was good at work revolutionizing the way to advertise all over the world.

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