Business Owners focus more on sales and push marketers to bring leads and increase as soon as they start working with them. But they may ignore the fact that if you ask the audience to buy too soon, they could lose them forever.

Everybody wants sales, and it’s the ultimate goal for any business. The achievement of this goal will be delayed, depends on which Funnel stage your prospect is in (Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion)

Sales start with awareness, which means, the first step is making potential customers aware of who you are and what you have to offer. Because if any potential customer has never heard of your brand, company, or product, it’s hard or impossible they buy from you.

And to make potential customers aware of who you are, you need to understand who your reader is, and what he needs and understand how you as a brand can help, then start selling to them when they are fully aware and when they go through awareness and consideration phases. 

In 1966, Eugene Schwartz one of the greatest copywriters and marketers ever, released a book called Breakthrough Advertising, where he shared and described the stages of Awareness. And said that awareness is not only a one-step phase, but there are 5 stages or levels of Awareness.

These Awareness stages describe the awareness of the audience of their own problems and frustrations, their solutions, your product, and how the product can solve their problems. The 5 levels help us get information to be able to sharpen our marketing efforts and sales content.

The five stages of awareness

  • Unaware / Completely unaware:

It refers to people who don’t know yet they have a problem or a need. Since they are not aware of their pain points, they will certainly not be aware of your role as a solution to that pain.

People at this stage don’t know you and will certainly not buy from you. 

You may tell yourself that they will not see your sales content and efforts since they don’t know you, and you are not marketing for them.

But this kind of audience may see you on tv or on your social media pages either by accident, referral link or by a piece of content. 

  • Problem / Pain Aware:  

It refers to people who know they have a problem, but they may not completely understand it. And they don’t know the possible solutions to their problem. And since they don’t know the solutions, they surely don’t know you.

  • Solution Aware:  

At level, people know that there are solutions to their problems, but they don’t know about you and that you offer a product that can be a solution to them. The best strategy here is content marketing. Give them a high-value content like webinars, free reports, tutorials, and templates. 

  • Product Aware:  

People know about your product, but they still didn’t choose it either because they are not totally sure it solves their problem or because they know your competitors’ offerings. They may be still thinking if your solution is best for them.

  • Most Aware:

These people know their problem, its solution, and know-how can your product or service help them. They still didn’t buy from you, but they are ready to buy if they know more details and specifics. It’s similar to the consideration phase in the marketing funnel. 

These Awareness Levels show that people have different information needs. When you know your prospects’ stage of awareness you will quickly know what to say to them and what kind of content you will write for them. You will also know how to market to them. 

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