The ultimatum objective of any company is to get the buyer’s attention and maintain it through engagement, to convert it later to sales. How to attend this objective when consumer behavior is a little bit complex?

There are a simple mechanism and tool that can lead us to our goal: Curiosity.  

Curiosity is a tool used by content marketers to sell either their idea, product, or service because attracting people’s attention became very hard. 

Curiosity is an essential component of marketing campaigns, that’s why we have a type of Marketing called Curiosity Marketing. However, it can be very difficult to craft, and can also lead to negative results. 

What’s Curiosity Marketing?

Curiosity marketing is a principle used in the content strategy. It’s when you base your content on the “Curiosity Gap” which is a powerful copywriting technique, that needs high skills because the way you will satisfy your audience’s curiosity will determine the success of your marketing strategy.

Curiosity marketing is mainly used to boost sales and build brand awareness, but also to increase engagement on social media. Just like the campaign of Amir Karara “Habadabadim الهباداباديم” it sparked a lot of questions on social media, no one knew which company was behind the campaign, nor what the campaign was about. Which made the commercial very anticipated. 

Creating a mystery sparks curiosity and opens the door for effective marketing. And when the curiosity of people is fulfilled they will share and talk about your content, and you will gain a free marketing “Word-of-mouth” and maybe go viral. 

How can you use Curiosity Marketing? 

People’s online behavior is based on curiosity, anything they do starts with curiosity. 

If they click on a website and are ready to leave the Facebook page or Twitter it means they want to know what’s inside. When they see an ad on Facebook about something they are not interested in, but still click to see it, is just to satisfy their curiosity. 

Ways to use Curiosity Marketing: 

  • Writing a great headline.
  • Writing a good email subject line if you are using email marketing. 
  • For Ads on YouTube (Pre-rolls), the first seconds need to be captivating. 
  • Banners can have some mystery, push people to look for you and your service, don’t expose everything. (Check Netflix case study in comments)

It has no specific technique, you need to attract people’s attention, make them talk about you, search for you, and push them to take the next step toward making a purchase.

Advice to Succeed Curiosity Marketing

This type of marketing seems easy, however, many businesses fail. Because if not done right, curiosity can lead to frustration. And we need to be mindful of ethics when we try to use Curiosity Gap. Using tricks can ruin a brand’s image.

  • Don’t go into hyperbole: Keep the headline as close and related to the topic as possible. Some people use attractive headlines, but when you click on the link, the article has nothing to do with the content, or they just make a big deal out of nothing. It’s generally used by electronic media in the Arab world.
  • Some posts can lead you to spammy websites.
  • Respect your audience and Its Intelligence
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