Ramadan is the perfect opportunity to launch campaigns that focus on family gatherings, friendships, and even affection between neighbors. These emotional campaigns have the objective to promote the feel-good moments that we feel when being with our loved ones. Since it’s a month, where people gather around Iftar, and everybody loves to be with family and friends. It’s a holy month that has a special taste when you are surrounded by your close people. 

This year, Ramadan is quite special. We were all waiting for the advertising outcomes of big companies that focused on family and friends’ gathering. Because it will be impossible for them to promote the same message, which is Gathering. 

Due to Coronavirus, many companies had troubles shooting their commercials, and work from home. All advertisers saw their plans for Ramadan change, especially when they receive the Ramadan brief very early, and started working on the concepts before the outbreak of the pandemic. Today, we will discover how Vodafone filmed their commercial, during the quarantine.

Let’s get to know who is Ahmed Wahid, the Associate Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Cairo, before discovering the Commercial with him.

Who is Ahmed Wahid? 

Ahmed Wahid started his advertising career at IMPACT BBDO in 2010, as a Graphic Designer. He worked on many projects for renowned brands, such as PepsiCo, Mercedes Benz, and IKEA.

Three years later, he moved to JWT Cairo, where he occupied the position of Art Director, and in two years only, he became a Senior Art Director. He gained a huge experience working for big names in Egypt, like Vodafone, Nestlé, Danone, and Mondelēz.

Over the last 5 years of Wahid’s career, his work has won a Gold, Silver, and Bronze at Dubai Lynx in 2017 for Chiclets mouth campaign and 2 silvers in branded content for Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) at Dubai Lynx in 2016 and a Gold at Effies in 2016 beside a Bronze in film-craft at Dubai Lynx in 2015 for (Chiclets – Absurd mix).

Ahmed Wahid Associate Creative Director
Ahmed Wahid


From his previous notable work:

  • #thisisegypt 
  • The Red Genie – Vodafone
  • Roaming Campaign – Vodafone
  • Chiclets Campaigns – الولا حاجة اهم حاجة 
  • Talqema – Bonjorno



Ahmed joined Y&R Cairo as an Associate Creative Director for a year. He is now the Associate Creative Director of JWT Cairo.

Vodafone Commercial عزوتنا_ملايين# focused on moments spent at home with family, and even due to this pandemic, we can still gather virtually and support each other through this crisis safe and sound. They wanted to convey the message “our solace in millions”, and everybody helps the way he can during these hard times. The filming wasn’t easy for the whole cast, and they faced challenges that we will discover with Mr.Ahmed Wahid in this interview. 


  • Can you share with us the idea behind this campaign? How did you think of it?

We received the Ramadan Brief in January to start preparing for the commercial. The idea  was a continuation of what Vodafone presented 5 years ago. With the first commercial that focused on family قوتك فى عيلتك. The following year, the concept became bigger, and the focus was on the big family, your friends, and neighbors. The idea became wider last year, with Amr Diab and his commercial جمع حبايبك. 

This year, we wanted to talk about something more important, which is solace, العزوة. For us Solace العزوة meant, every person who supported you, every shoulder you leaned on, people who comforted you in a time of great distress, and people helped you at your work. 

We thought about gathering all these people who had your back and represent them as celebrities. We wanted to transmit the message, that even during quarantine, you can communicate with your loved ones, and Vodafone is making you closer no matter what are the circumstances, and this is how the idea of the song came. 

The song and the video both communicated the role of Vodafone, and how every celebrity tried to be there for people to help them pass through this quarantine and encourage them to stay home. Either by making a song like Bahaa and Amir or with a human side like AbdelRahman Abuzahra, who talks to his grandson. Or the youngsters who were having lunch together in the live house party. 

  • What is the objective of the commercial?

Every year, Vodafone focuses on gathering people, and this year, the brand continues gathering people and making the circle bigger than just friends and family. The circle has now people who got your back, who were with you during tough times. And Even if these people are far, you must show gratitude, that’s why we brought celebrities to stand by people and supported them now. 

The objective of this commercial is to communicate the message of عزوة ملايين and show that Solace doesn’t come from just one person. It can be from one or one thousand. 

A person can have support from friends, and a celebrity can have it from his fans, they are his عزوة. 

We chose this concept, because a brand shouldn’t talk to people, but should talk with people.

  • Who worked on this project? Can we have an idea about the Creative team?

The creative team consisted of 6 people, who did their best and put their hearts on this project to guarantee a good outcome that will touch and impact people. 

  • Why Did you choose these celebrities? Who makes the celebrity choice?

There was a reason for our celebrity choices. We tried to bring people who had a tole during the Coronavirus crisis. Celebrities who participated in activities during this hard time. 

For example: 

  • Amir and Bahaa made an appearance in the commercial because they made a song ”ما هذا الكورونا“ 
  • Esaad Younis who welcomed in her program with Dr. Ahmed El-Manawy, who initiated the manufacture of a medical face to protect doctors and the nursing staff. The episode was uploaded on her Facebook page 4 days before the commercial.
  • Mona Zaki made a video where she helps mothers dealing with their kids during the quarantine. 
  • Amina Khalil tried to cheer people and play with them a game “live” without words. 
  • Henedy who is very active on Twitter, where he posts tweets about Corona and Quarantine. 
  • Anyone in the commercial made something to help people during this pandemic. 
  • Did the project take long to be ready? 

The project took two months to be fully ready.

  • Can you share with us the process of creating the commercial?

The whole process of creating this commercial was remotely. It was very hard because it’s something new for us, and we couldn’t imagine the outcome.

The Director was in his home, using Zoom. We had a mobile-connected with Zoom fixed on every camera. Everyone was following from home. We kept an eye on everything, the filming, clothes, filming angles. We filmed the whole commercial in 10 days, and it was the project that took us the longest in filming. From my 10 years of experience in the advertising field, the longest filming of a commercial took 5 days.

  • Did you face any challenges while making this commercial?

The question was: How will we film? This was the hardest part of the project. How can we gather all these people in the same location? The filming location was going to have more than 80 people. The Director and Production House thought about how can they film, and how can the outcome be good. 

We thought about filming from home. We sent sterilized cameras to every Celebrity’s home, and the person who was filming them, was a family member, the wife, the sister… 

The lighting was so weak, so we depended on the room’s lamps and light coming from windows. 

  • Before finishing this interview, we would like to know if you have an advice to all people who are interested in Copywriting and advertising?

Copywriting skills are important, but the most important thing is the ability to thing. I personally focus on how the person thinks. When he takes a brief, he needs to come up with an idea. How it will be written or executed it’s something we discuss later. Don’t think about the difference between the copywriter and Art Director, the most important thing is coming up with ideas not how it will be written. 

Before finishing this Interview, Ahmed Wahid expressed his appreciation to the whole team: 

  • Mohamed Fouad, the Executive Creative Director
  • Malek Sharif, the Associate Creative Director
  • Mohamed Zohier, the Senior Art Director
  • Eslam Khaled, the Copywriter
  • Nesma El Kasem, the Junior Copywriter
  • Zeina Salem, the Graphic designer

Learn n’ Digital would love to express its gratitude towards Mr.Ahmed Wahid, for this interview and for his time. And also thank you for this opportunity of sharing with our followers and with us the behind-the-scenes of عزوتنا_ملايين# commercial.


Credits:  Wunderman Thompson Cairo

Agency – Wunderman Thompson Cairo

Deputy Managing Director - Hassan El Sada

Executive Creative Director - Mohamed Fouad

Associate Creative Director - Malek Sharif

Senior Art Director - Mohamed Zohier 

Copywriter - Eslam Khaled

Junior Copywriter - Nesma El Kasem 

Graphic designer - Zeina Salem

Business Director - Heba Hosny

Account Manager - Reem El Gabaly

Senior Account Executive - Tarek Lawaty

Film Director - Mohamed Shaker

Production House - The Film Marshals
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