Ramadan is considered the season of commercials. It’s when the best and catchiest commercials are released. These commercials are known for memorable songs and funny ads.
This year we saw several ads with emotional appeals, and the majority of them were related to the pandemic.

In terms of commercials, this Ramadan wasn’t the strongest year. The virus was an opportunity to show a lot of creativity, but in fact, it limited it. And as we saw in the interview with the creatives, what limited them was more the limited and short time, and changing the concept.

Even if this wasn’t the strongest year, there were quite a few emotional and well-executed commercials.

We selected some commercials that people deemed good on social media, and we asked our followers to vote for their best commercials. So here are your and our picks for the Top 10 Ads of Ramadan 2020.

1- Zain – God will not forsake us” لن ينسانا الله

Every Ramadan, Zain releases great commercials and offers a touching message concerning the events that happened the same year. And this year was no different.

This commercial offers a message of hope during these hard circumstances. Zain’s objective was to comfort people and bring some hope and optimism to the world while enduring the virus’s hardships. That’s why the commercial started by: “Until a vaccine is ready, let’s inject the world with humanity.”

The idea, the message, the song, and the concept were all great. This commercial won the hearts of millions, not only in the Arab world but in the whole world, which is why many people posted reaction videos on YouTube on this ad.


2- Orange – “Sunnet El Hayah” سنة الحياة

This commercial had the objective of raising hope and optimism that we will be reunited with our loved ones, and this pandemic will be over sooner or later. The ad touched many people because it used simple situations and ordinary people who are experiencing similar events and moments to all Egyptians.

What makes this commercial special is the challenges and difficulties they went through to get this project ready. And of course the famous artist Hussain Al-Jasmi’s voice helped to make the video more emotional and sent a lot of encouragement and reassurance through lyrics.

Orange’s concept was bringing people closer to what matters most to them, and this message helped the commercial to be one of the best this Ramadan.

3- Abo El-Reesh children’s Hospital x Cairokee

The commercial is an animation video of the story of the hospital and the story behind its name.
They used a perfect storytelling technique to trigger people’s emotions and make them donate to continue for the hospital that treats millions of kids for free.


4- Mobil – Moving Millions بنحرك ملايين

Mobil chose the most popular and loved person in Egypt to be featured in their Ramadan commercial. Since Salah is always an example of success, he starts the ad to say that he is not here to talk about his beginnings, his life, or how he became successful and famous. The commercial talks about the success stories of ordinary people, and the lives of the 100 million Egyptians.

The commercial was appreciated by many people because it has a positive message, good filming, song, and of course the star Mo Salah.

5- Al Abd – بنعمل عيد

Al Abds’ commercial reminds us of the rituals we do before Eid, and the happiness this special event brings to kids. But it also carries a very noble message and offers. It shows that with your orders, you will get a box that you can give it to people who work hard to make us have a pleasant Eid and life.

6- Etisalat – Ahmed Helmy ‘3ady’

Ahmed Helmy portrayed the situation of the majority of people during this quarantine. We all try to fight the boredom, stress, and anxiety caused by the pandemic. So we all do the same activities, like spending our day on social media talking to friends or using TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat filters, and trying to cook.

People liked this ad because they used humor and portrayed people at home.

7- Chevrolet – The Space You Need 

This commercial was appreciated by many people, because it was very light, and showed the main feature of the car in a funny and memorable way. Bringing Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki in one commercial helped it gain reach.

8- Vodafone – #عزوتنا_ملايين

Vodafone continued this year its campaign that focused on the past 5 years on gathering. This year, they made the gathering bigger and tried to show celebrities who tried to help people during this quarantine doing activities at home. It was in collaboration with Mohamed Henedy, Mohamed Salah, Esaad Younis, Mona Zaki, Ahmed Fahmi, Amina Khalil, and many more.

9- Birell -#وقت_مُر_بس_هيمُر

Birell released a funny campaign that appealed to many because it shows how people who are addicted to some activities are suffering at home, and delivers a nice message which is the bad time will pass by.

10- Banque Misr – You Are Exceptional

You are exceptional is a commercial that pays tribute to all Egyptians, no matter what’s their job. The message was clear; you are special and unique no matter what you do in your life, and that everyone has different capabilities.

Banque Misr tries to release a song that will stick into people’s minds for the whole year, and this year too they continued their mission of creating a commercial with a song that establishes a strong Egyptian patriotism and spread hope and optimism.

The commercial didn’t fail to show the efforts made by the medical staff too.


People agreed on the first three commercials and the fact that they deserve the first place. Can you share with us your Top 10?



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