“Have a break, have a KitKat. ” 

Kit Kat has the concept of a break since 1939, but the slogan was introduced in 1957 and still in use until today!

 Donald Gilles from JWT created this slogan, and was inspired by the sound it makes when the chocolate bar breaks, the company’s older running ‘Tea Break’ motif! The success of the slogan was huge and increased sales by 25%.

Why is this slogan still used until now?

The simplicity and the straightforwardness of the slogan, made it atemporal, making it still matching with the brand nowadays. The concept also agrees with the product. The chocolate bar is separated into two parts. And to eat it, you have to break its two sticks and eat it one per one.

All of these things make the slogan very remarkable and unique. Tying the identity of the product and the occasions to eat it, make the brand stick on the consumers’ minds.

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