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Snapchat launches a new mini-site to help marketers manage their campaigns during this time.

Snapchat launched a dedicated Center for COVİD-19, which includes a set of resources, ideas, and links to help marketers manage businesses during COVİD-19 Pandemic and better communicate with their audiences during this crisis as the new mini-site displays a set of data on changes in application use and highlights Related opportunities are the best ways advertisers can operate.

YouTube launches a new video creation tool called Video Builder for more businesses.

YouTube has launched the Video Builder tool that enables anyone to create good-looking video content. The company has stated that since commercial activities around the world are time-consuming and resource-intensive, and personal video shoots are no longer practical in many countries we are working to accelerate the next stage of tool availability Create a video With this tool, any business that needs a video can create one that helps in communicating with its customers and keeps them informed, whether through an advertising campaign, website or email.

Facebook lunches kit app for Apple watch to you connect with your close friends.

Facebook’ team introduced a messaging app called Kit For Apple Watch to help users communicate with their close people as the app allows you to choose a certain number of people you can send them voice messages and emojis and share your location and Tech Crush reports.

These messages are sent to them through the Facebook Messenger application The applications are currently available to İOS users and although Facebook Messenger already supports Apple Watch, the kit as we mentioned focus on keeping you in touch with close people only.

Facebook adds Quit mode to help you manage your time.

During the current situation, a lot of people who study and work from home have become. Some may find it difficult to Combining between work and study and spend time on social media and entertainment, so Facebook announced the addition of the quiet mode to increase productivity and mental health, as this situation helps you to stop notifications During a specific period you schedule in advance. If you open the application during this time you will receive a reminder that you are trying to limit your time in the use during these hours, you can also see the time you spend browsing Facebook through some comparisons and graphs and see if you are spending Reaction time is unhealthy. You should use it from time to time.

TikTok announced this week a new $ 250 million donation.

To help frontline workers fight COVID-19, which comes in addition to a $ 10 million app donation to the World Health Organization, which it announced last month.
According to TikTok:
“We are committed to playing our part in that global flow of mutual support and giving. We want to enlarge everything we see across our society and translate it into tangible relief for those most affected by this crisis.”

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