Community Management is a vital part of Social Media Management. It’s the process of building and growing an online community. Community management helps to create a connection between the brand and customers and improves customer retention and brand loyalty.

Community management is the voice of the brand; that’s why there are several important pieces of advice to consider to be a good community manager and help the business to thrive.
Below you will find five simple tips for better community management.

1- Maintain the brand voice

Community managers need to stick to the brand identity and its voice. The audience needs to feel like the brand which is talking to them. The voice needs to be present in all interactions, and engagement, it should also be similar to the shared content. Maintaining the brand voice helps not to feel that there are many community managers, and you feel like it’s just one.

2- Start the conversation and ask for feedback

Social media is all about interaction. When you answer a comment, it helps the post to reach more people, that’s why when someone writes a comment, answer him, and even ask questions to open a conversation, and also ask for their feedback.

3- Use the same language

Use the same language as the person who comments, if someone sends a message or leaves a comment in English, answer in English.

4- Let the audience know that you care

Every business has a bottom line, which is sales, but it doesn’t mean that I will always try to sell and not be friendly or human. You need to care and ask about your most engaging followers.

5- Organize your work

As a community manager, especially on Social Media, you are obliged to answer many similar questions and send files all the time. The key is the “Saved replies”, and keep everything online, try to save files, documents or pictures that you send to customers in Drive or Dropbox, because it’s easier to have access especially when you use your phone.

Loyal followers are a treasure that you must keep with community management, always show appreciation to people who praise you and try to explain your point of view to people who attack you. These simple tips can help you to build a good community and also build a strong relationship with your audience, your audience is at the end humans, and humans love attention.

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