The first thing that many startup owners think of when they want to start a business is not the business plan, but the name. 

Everybody wants the right name for his business because the name can play a massive role in the success of the company. For many people brainstorming business names can be fun, but for others researching availability for names can be a daunting task and a big headache. 

Choosing a unique and fitting Brand’s name isn’t easy at all, because a name can either attract customers and make them remember you or can be very uninviting. 

Making the business plan, planing the finance, and choosing the business structure, are the pillars of every business but picking the business name can either make the business or break it. Today we will discover how to come up with a catchy and creative name for your business. 

Rules for choosing a name

Before you start to think about a name, keep in mind some rules, the name should be:

  • Simple and easy to pronounce and easy to remember.
  • The shorter, the better
  • Original
  • Distinctive: The name should stand out from the competitors, don’t try to look for names that sound similar to your competitor. Some businesses want to use the fame of big brands, like Noval and Tefal, 
  • Available: Not used before. You should see if the name was owned, or was it registered previously as a trademark. Then check the availability of the domain, and there are many tools and websites to check the domain like Godaddy. After Checking the domain availability, check if the name is taken in the social media channels, you can check it in Namecheckr.
  • Translatable: The businesses that have the intention to operate in many markets, the name can be easy to translate, or shouldn’t have a bad connotation, for example when Nokia launched Lumia it wasn’t welcomed in countries that speak Spanish, because Lumia in Spanish means prostitute. 

Tips to choose a good name

There are some tips for choosing a name for your business. You can use:

  • Acronyms: Try using the first letters of partners or first letters of related words or first letters of your name. For example, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), JWT (J. Walter Thompson)
  • Use online tools: Many online name generators can be an inspiration. 
  • Use foreign words: Many people prefer names from another language. Here in Egypt, many people choose French words. 
  • Change a Letter: Instead of an S, put a Z, for example. 
  • Mixing two words or names
  • Use an unrelated word: Like Facebook, or Apple.

When you choose a new name, make sure to register it, before someone else uses it, then try to find a subtle logo and tagline, to make it lovable. 

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