Targeting in marketing is a strategy that consists of segmenting the market into small groups, to connect with a specific and defined group within the market.

The most common targeting in social media is Facebook Advertising Targeting. Still, there is another targeting that not many people use. It’s targeting organic posts to just the desired audience.

People deal with a wide variety of content every day, even if they are interested in a particular page or brand, it doesn’t mean that all their posts interest them. That’s why Facebook offered years ago the opportunity to deliver the right content to the right audience in an organic way.

Audience Optimization or News Feed Targeting

How? With the help of an organic tool called Audience Optimization or News Feed Targeting.

This option gives you the possibility of delivering content relevant to a specific segment of your page’s audience based on their interests, age, gender, locations, languages, relationship status, and education level.

For example, Bershka is a clothing retailer company for both men and women. They launched a new collection of dresses and want women to buy it, instead of just posting a post about their new collection that can be seen by men and women, they can choose the “News Feed Targeting” where they choose that only women see it, or select another option called “Restricted Audience” where they prevent the post from appearing in men’s timeline.

Steps to target people without ads on Facebook
Steps to target people without ads on Facebook

The “News Feed Targeting” affects the audience who sees the post in the news feed. But it can still be visible to everyone inside the page timeline.

Why choose this organic post targeting? This option helps you to:

  • Optimize the organic reach (posts shown to the right people)
  • Increasing engagement.
  • The cost is less than Facebook ads.

Before publishing, make sure to change the post from the public to either News Feed Targeting or Restricted Audience.

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