We previously talked about tools a content marketer should use to help him produce quality content, and improve his skills. Today, we will talk about another kind of tool, that is easy to use, and doesn’t require you to open a million websites or applications. These tools are what we call extensions. 

Today we will present 5 extensions for Google Chrome that every marketer should have: 

5 Extensions for Marketers

Spelling mistakes can ruin your content and your reputation as a content creator. The Grammarly extension will correct the English spelling, grammar, and other issues as you write. For المدقق الآلي, it can help you correct Arabic mistakes, such as ه,ة,ي,ى. And many other mistakes. 

This extension will help you identify any common technical SEO issues in just one click. It will gather all your website technical errors that may stop you from ranking. 

Ritetag extension works the same as the website, it helps you having feedback on the popularity and strength of the hashtags you use. Hashtest also helps you finding the best hashtags while you type, with real-time color-based quality scores.

This extension scans your entire webpage and gives you a quick report on any valid or invalid links. It highlights each link with green (valid) or red (invalid).

This extension finds websites similar to the one you’re currently browsing. It can help you discover the competitor of the brand you are working on. 

Most of the extensions are made for SEO, and very few are destined for Social Media Marketing. Most Social media marketing extensions are not free. Share with us the extension that you always use. 

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