We all have questions that we ask before starting an ad on Facebook. Some of the questions are “What are the words and interests related to this field?” and “Will I find this word in the interest targeting?” and “How can I find the right interests?

Facebook ads are not very accurate in targeting, but we try to make it as much perfect as we can. Especially for the interest targeting, many people go for the apparent words and interests, which means that they are fighting against everyone else on the Facebook ads platform since they use the interests that everyone else is using.


Today we will present a beneficial tool, that helps you find interests related to the field you are working on. It’s called Connectio.

It’s very easy to use, and it will help you to find interests that exist on the Ads Manager targeting option and also get an overview of the field you work on because you are not expected to know all fields.
The tool helps you to stop searching interests one-by-one. You write one word, and it gives you a list of interest and you can select the relevant ones and then copy them to add them to your targeting.

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