When you start a Facebook Ad, you want want to know if it was effective or not, you ask yourself if the customer who bought from your website came after seeing your Ad. There is a solution called Facebook Pixels.

The Facebook pixel is a code that you place on your website to track visitors to your site. 

It’s a tool that measures the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising, like Google Analytics, it has the ability to track visitors’ interactions on your website after they click on your ad.

The objective of the Facebook pixel is to help you get to know more about the people engaging with your content. It also helps to target people who landed on your website, by using a Custom Audience. And if you don’t have a website, it can track your landing page. It’s a way to reach new and relevant audiences.

Benefits of Facebook Pixels

To sum up, the benefits of Facebook Pixels are:1 

  • Optimization: After collecting enough data, Facebook will only show your ads to users who can convert or can buy something from your website.
  • Remarketing: Set up remarketing campaigns to past customers who’ve converted through a Facebook ad or users who have visited the website by clicking through the Facebook ad.
  • Create lookalike audiences: When the pixel tracks a minimum of 100 conversions, there is a possibility to create a lookalike audience of the website visitors.

Facebook Pixels can track :

  • View content 
  • Search 
  • Section of Add to cart
  • Section of Add to wishlist 
  • Add payment info
  • Complete registration
  • Purchase
  • Initiate checkout 
  • Lead: Most importantly, it tracks when someone becomes a lead 

First, open the Ads Manager. Second, click on the Events Manager, you will find the “Pixels” tab. Click “Create a Pixel.” Name your pixel and click “Create.”

To optimize your ads, you will need time and enough monitoring. In order for your pixel to work correctly, it needs to be displayed on every page of your website. 



1: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/facebook-pixel
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