Social Media platforms paved the way for the emergence of influencers, due to the nature of platforms that allow sharing pictures and daily life stories.

Influencers became at the core of marketing because brands need content, and these influencers became capable of creating content that appeals to the right audience, and even influencing them and changing their purchasing behavior. 

How to choose Influencers?

When you decide to work with an influencer and choosing one, you need to ask yourself some questions: 

  • What type of influencer will you work with? It depends on your budget and the size of your brand or company. There are three groups of influencers: 
      1. Micro-influencers: The number of followers can vary between 2,000 – 50,000 on a single social media channel
      2. Macro-influencers: The number of followers can vary between 50,000 – 1,000,000 followers.
      3. Mega-influencers: People with more than 1,000,000 followers on a social media platform
  • Where do you want to advertise, and what platform you target audience uses: You can’t choose an influencer just for his or her name, there are influencers known on YouTube, but non-existent on Instagram. 
  • Who are the influencers relevant to my business? 

There is a website called Diwangroup, that can help you find Influencers, depending on the country, platform, category, gender, and affiliation. 

When you find the right influencer for you, you can check his/her profile, and see more information about the person, and the content he/she presents. 

You can even contact the influencer through the form made by the Diwangroup

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