Market Research and Consumer Behavior?

This module teaches you how to create a research plan, performing primary and secondary research, gathering structured data and translating the results into practical recommendations.


In this module, you will learn how to define a clearly differentiated value proposition. Starting with the basic elements of market Segmentation, creating a consumer profile (Persona) and positioning the intended value in consumers’ minds.

Marketing Mix (4Ps)?

By studying the classic 4Ps, you will be able to design your product in a way that best fits the market. Creating a Product-Market-Fit requires an appropriate price, so you will learn about all concepts of Pricing. Finding a location that pushes your service/product forward isn’t an easy way, that’s why Placing is an essential part of the 4Ps. In the end, promotion is the master key in any marketing plan. Dealing with a media plan, understanding social media marketing and mastering offline tools are all you need to have a respectful marketing plan.

Designing the Marketing Plan?

Mapping what you learned in the previous three modules and creating a solid strategy is an essential part of this course. After completing all the necessary tasks of market analysis and market overview, you will have to design the long-awaited Action Plan that has the specific guidelines for product/service marketing success. No good plan without clear KPIs, in the end, you should be able to test your assumptions against a clear outline. Learning about Key Metrics will help you to follow up with your time and objectively judging the results.
CDJ-Consumer Decision Journey

– 5 Stages of CDJ

– Recognition and information seeking

– Evaluation of possible alternatives

– Buying and delivering

– Post-purchase evaluation

– Retention and up-selling

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