Social Media Management Track?

In this Social media management track, you will learn the process of managing your online presence on these social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also how to create a social media strategy, and how to develop buyer personas.

Social Media Ads Track?

Learn Social Media Advertising and Social Media Targeting, for the following Platforms: - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - LinkedIn - Snapchat - TikTok

SEO Track?

Learn the Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals. This track will allow you to know all factors to let your website rank on the top results in search engines.

Google Ads Track?

Learn how to advertise on Google, either in Search, Display, Video, Shopping ads, and YouTube.

Email Marketing Workshop?

Learn how to generate quality and relevant database, and how to make people subscribe to your newsletter.

Agency Creative Brief?

Learn how to create a Proposal which is an answer for the brief, to persuade a client to buy your product or service. It’s an offer from the agency/ freelancer to a client.
Facebook: Technical Camping Steps
  • Planning 

– Facebook Audience Insights 

– Competitor analysis tools 

– Social Media Advertising Trends 2020 

– Social Media Metrics “Advertising Objectives “

  • Content 

– Intro to Digital Content Creation

– Content Checklist 

– Write Powerful Facebook Ad Headlines 

– Pro tip Write Successful Facebook Ads 

– Content Creation Tools 

– Tools to design without Designer 

  • Optimizing 

– Facebook Business Manager 

– Ads placement 

– Facebook ads: Boost POST 

– Facebook Ads: ads Manager 

– Facebook ads types 

– Facebook Campaigns setup

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