Have a quick look into the search engine search statistics, and how it works. This module will help you understand what is SEM, and its usage, objectives, and benefits.

Why Search Engine Marketing??

Knowing the terminology of SEM is a must. You will also discover types of campaigns offered by Google.

Google Ads?

In this module, you will go into details concerning Google Ads, and discover its structures, layers and how to organize your account.


Keywords are the key to run a successful campaign. This module will be reserved for how to find the right keywords adequate to your Persona and to your business.

Search Campaign?

Learn how to run a search campaign from A to Z.

Google Display Network?

Learn how to reach people while they are browsing Gmail, their favorite websites, and YouTube.

YouTube Ads?

This module is dedicated to learning how to advertise on YouTube, and the techniques used to succeed in a YouTube Campaign.


Learn how to show advertisements to users that have previously visited your website.

Google Analytics?

Track and report website traffic and campaign results.
How Do Search Engines Work?

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